The name's Roscoe Hanner and music has been my passion ever since birth.
I was born and raised in Houston, TX on May 16, 1989.

Music and clothing have been a big deal in my life especially living in Houston
where “Chopped and Screwed music was born and custom apparel
and accessories are at large.”
This is why I decided to get into the Apparel and Accessories business.
I love the fact that I can design anything imaginable and put it on a shirt for the whole world to wear.
Music is pretty much the same way. You can create whatever pleases the ears, upload it online, and next thing you know people are jamming out to your product.
The types of music genres range from people relaxing with a beat,
to people dancing and jamming out for hours.

The whole chop & screw scene was first introduced when I heard the new music style known as chopped and screwed in middle school.
As soon as I started listening to the new style founded by DJ Screw I loved how slow and chopped up the music was.

Not long after, I started researching on how to chop and screw songs and familiarize myself on the technique.
The whole process took a couple years but soon enough I was creating
personal CD's for my own entertainment.
Friends starting hearing the CD's and were asking for copies.
After supplying a couple dozen mixtapes the volume for song requests and CD's started increasing dramatically.

Da SkeeT LLC was then founded to provide our music, apparel, and accessories available for everyone.

I then discovered another music genre by the name of Trance.
I instantly fell in love with the newfound music and started producing
personal hour long Mixx's for my own enjoyment.
The same thing happened with 3 more music genres: Reggae, Dubstep, and Club.
Everyone around me then became fans of the rising music trends and
started requesting tracks for each hour long Mixx.
The mixx's were then produced and uploaded online for the world to discover.

Our mission here at Da SkeeT LLC is to make sure you look fresh and new in the
DS apparel, amaze people with the DS accessories, and raise goosebumps
when jamming out to the DS music.

So sit back put on some Da SkeeT apparel, use some Da SkeeT accessories,
put in a Da SkeeT CD, relax, and just bang.

Thanks to all of you that have made Da SkeeT possible in every way



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